Rham Synthesizer

Rham is a virtual analogue synthesizer in Audio Unit format. It models a wavetable based dual-oscillator subtractive synthesizer.

· Dual wavetable oscillators (255 PPG wavetables, white noise, random, hard sync, detune)
· LFO using the same waveforms as the oscillators
· Filter (Moog style 24dB/oct resonant low pass filter, ADSR envelope)
· Valve warmer distortion
· Universal Binary (Mac OS X 10.4.10)
· Passes auval version 1.2.0a11


Download the Disk Image and run the installer.

Mac OS X 10.4 (Universal)

Source Code

The Rham synthesizer plug-in is open source. Licenced under GPLv3. Get the source bundle here and refer to the README for instructions on building and contributing. I use Plastic SCM for source code management.

Rham Synthesizer at SourceForge

News and Announcements

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